Webcomic Workshop #14

Less Swearing, More Talking. Coming to you for a whopping 78 minutes this time! This podcast we discuss: Byron: How to use your RSS, i.e. ads, tracking stats, etc. Antoine: Pros & Cons of resizing or removing your comic for RSS feed Ken: How much time do you spend and how far do you go […]


The Crazy Chick’s Cool Junk Drawer

Yes, I’ve got a lot of junk in my trunk. Now that THAT joke is out of the way, I want to share with you some of the essential goodies I have come across in my travels as a cartoonist on the interwebs. If you’re only just stepping into the webcomics world, you should probably […]


Getting Started with Manga Studio

What’s that one hurdle you face when trying a new piece of software? Yep, the darn manual.  Hundreds of pages of really cool stuff; none of which you know how to use.  So, where to start?  I’m going to help you past the first hurdle with today’s tutorial. Okay, what are we?  Artists.  What do […]


Comic Brand-Aid: Let’s Build a Brand!

Starting today we’re going to build a fictitious comic – and we want your ideas and feedback! Then I’ll compile all the information and build the brand through a series of videos that will be featured here on the Webcomic Alliance website. The idea is that then you’ll be able to see how you use […]


Comic Brand-Aid: CONCLUSION – How Sweet It Is/Madbury

Comic Brand-Aid Follow-Up: How Sweet It Is/Madbury I first reviewed Scott Jenkin’s ‘How Sweet It’ with our first Brand-Aid article. Then I re-reviewed Madbury after Scott expressed on Twitter “I’ve been in branding hell since @RicktheStick band aided my comic”. Today is the conclusion of the hard work by Scott on his site, which I […]


Webcomic Workshop #13

Less Swearing, More Talking. Coming to you for a whopping 95 minutes this time! This podcast we discuss: Antoine: I’m going to ask you, with all the cons you’ve been and seen. What would you suggest a rookie that is getting ready for his first Artist Alley table, and more specifically, what to offer at […]


Digital Techniques: Video Tutorial #5

Many people have asked me how I create Zorphbert and Fred. Well, it’s been along winding process over the years, and I am always one to embrace the latest fad in technology (must be that gene passed down from my mom and grandfather). Currently, I am 100% digital, from sketch to finish. But it didn’t […]


What Leads to Success?

That’s the magic question. If there were an easy answer, we’d all be rich and sitting on a beach while a robot served us endless Piña Coladas.  But we’ve all seen Terminator and know how that ends.  So, back to my point.  What leads to success? A gentleman named Richard St. John spent more than […]


Comic Brand-Aid: FOLLOW UP – How Sweet It Is/Madbury

Comic Brand-Aid Follow-Up: How Sweet It Is/Madbury I first reviewed Scott Jenkin’s ‘How Sweet It’ with our first Brand-Aid article. Earlier this week, Scott made a comment on Twitter “I’ve been in branding hell since @RicktheStick band aided my comic. Still feeling my way around w/ concepts”, I thought it would be a great chance […]


Webcomic Workshop #12

This podcast we discuss: Byron:  Printing locally vs. on-line services Antoine: What do you do to try to slow yourself down when you want to do too much things at the same time? Dawn:  What to do when you can’t afford mass production? Ken:   When you guys see something you think is awesome – do […]


C2E2 Stole My Lunch Money!

Okay, so the title of this article had nothing to do with my literal C2E2 experience – but it could have. And that’s what’s important. Regardless, the following are my thoughts on what happened last weekend in Chicago. At least I think it was Chicago… So here we are, it’s a few days later and […]


Webcomic Workshop #11

This podcast we review the C2E2 Comic Convention held March 18 – 20, 2011, in Chicago’s McCormick Place. Byron talks about comparing how we set up our tables this year compared to last year’s show, Ken covers working on your “pitch” for your comic and products and Dawn goes over her fear of public speaking […]


C2E2 Year 2

Another year and Chicago’s up and coming comic convention is once again behind us. I will start off this article with my thoughts on the convention and my fellow Alliance members will add their 2-cents over the next few days, culminating with our “live” podcast that we recorded at C2E2 coming out on Friday instead […]


C2E2 Photo Gallery!

Here’s some of the shots from Dawn camera.  We all took some turns with it, but I forged out on Sunday to get some random shots.  We’ll update this post as the other members add in their pics.  Enjoy!


Comics For Japan

As we mentioned in an earlier post, 4 our of the 5 Webcomic Alliance members are in Chicago strutting their stuff at the C2E2 Convention. We are also promoting DJ Coffman’s www.comicsforjapan.com, and asking people to text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from their phone, to receive a FREE combo sketchcard from Byron, Ken […]


Dr. Banner – The Banner Doctor: ArDuffle

Patient name: ArDuffle Age: Less than three months old Patient Origins: ArDuffle is an interactive comic providing you with answers to life’s deepest questions. Banners presented for initial review: Doctors notes: All of Arduffle’s banners feature the character and logo as well as a tagline. Smart choices for sizing. Initial diagnosis: Most of the banners […]


Webcomic Workshop #10

This podcast we cover: Podcast #10 is a review of issues we’ve brought to the table and we chat about the results of our actions suggested in the podcast.  Some of the results were very interesting!  And Antoine is fine form with his swearing and kazoo, Dawn is drunk on White Russians while Ken just […]


Battle of the Self-Publishing Services

If you’re like most cartoonists, a moment you hold dear is holding something tangible in your hands that is an attestation all of your hard work. We’d all like a trophy, yes; however, I am referring to the exhilarating moment of holding the first compilation of your own work. But this is not the easiest […]


Convention Preparation Song

A parody of the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week” for your enjoyment today! You’ve got… one week to get your booth ready Cocked your head to the side and said “I’m busy!” Five days since your printer laughed at your due date “Get that together and come back with CMYK.” Three days since the quote […]


Font Factor: Ascenders, Descenders, Widows and Orphans

Ascenders and Descenders, Widows and Orphans and why should you care? Let’s start with the easy part. You use them every day. Or at least anytime you write something. And I mean write – type or handwritten. Same difference. Ascenders and descenders are more common because they are part of letters. Most of us don’t […]