The Artist’s Support System

I have found, in a rather un-scientific manner, that there seems to be a common ground for some us comic artists, or any artist in general it may seem.  And that is at some point our artistic aspirations will come into conflict with our spouse or significant other.   Now, I’m not saying we’ll be forced […]


Character Sketch Challenge #16: Cosplay

Character Sketch Challenge #16 Species: One of your characters Characteristics: Character in Cosplay for a Comic Con With SDCC just wrapping up last week and other Comic Cons on the way I figured what a great way to give a shout out to the Comic Con industry and how they have started to embrace the […]


Books on Becoming a Better Cartoonist

I know school is out for summer, but if you’ve got some spare time and are lounging by the pool soaking in the sun and sipping on a cold beverage, consider reading one of these books while you’re relaxing. I’ve compiled this short list of some of the KEY resource books you must have on […]


Pick of the Week: Plus One

What is Plus One: Plus One is a webcomic about one couples transformation into parents.  The webcomic centers around Desmon and Violet as they go thru the obstacle course called life as a parent.  Fortunately they aren’t alone on this journey and are surrounded by friends and family that are there to help support and […]


Logo Basics: Video Tutorial

With all the video being bandied about on the site, I didn’t want to be left out. So I gave it a try! In this 13 minute video, we’ll look at some of the basic elements in building your logo. I’m on a Mac using Illustrator in CS5, but you don’t need those tools to […]


Webcomic Workshop #20

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.  Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast!  Special Guest: TL Collins from “Bullfinch” the comic. This podcast we discuss: Dawn: Google + and how to use it for webcomics? Any different than Facebook? Ken: My dip isn’t related to the work for the comic, it’s related to growth. How […]


Workshop Mailbag: Marketing Retired Comics

The Alliance wants to get more input from YOU guys. For this, we’d like to do a Webcomic Workshop together regarding one specific issue. Let’s be fun and constructive. I’ll post the actual issue below, make my own comments and then, of course, you guys can start discussing. You can either reply to my own […]


Pick of the Week: Flip and Barrel

Who are Flip and Barrel: Flip and Barrel are two brothers that are always getting into some sort of nonsense, whether they are super-heroes battling evil robots, or coming up with clever new products, or going to a comic-con you’ll bet they are gonna do it together and some sort of humorous chaos will ensue. Flip is […]


Workshop Mailbag: ComicPress vs. Tumblr

In our efforts to get more feedback from everyone – we’re clearly not the definitive experts – we’re opening up our mailbag to you. This will be a weekly feature this summer so if you have questions you want answered head over to the contact form and give us the isssssuuuue. If we don’t cover […]


Character Sketch Challenge #15: Christmas in July

  Character Sketch Challenge #15 Species: Christmas Characters Characteristics: What Christmas Characters would be doing in July Ever since the 1940’s there have been Christmas in July celebrations.  So let your imagination go and let’s see what our Christmas time friends would actually be doing in July.  Would Santa be stocking up on gifts during […]


Workshop Mailbag: Home Versus Pro Prints

In our efforts to get more feedback from everyone – we’re clearly not the definitive experts – we’re opening up our mailbag to you. This will be a weekly feature this summer so if you have questions you want answered head over to the contact form and give us the isssssuuuue. If we don’t cover […]


Webcomic Workshop #19

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! This podcast we discuss: Ken: I’m wondering if I’m going far enough with the absurdity of my comic. If you compare the wacky/outlandish things that go on in some wildly funny cartoons on TV to my comic I think there’s a huge […]


Philly Comic Con Recap; Interviewing the Casual Fan

First, the Recap Last year’s Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con was my most successful convention thus far. Excited to say, I managed to beat my old record this year! While the crowds, especially Saturday, weren’t quite as vast, the people who were there seemed more interested in new comics and more willing to purchase something […]


Pick of the Week: Woody After Hours

What is Woody After Hours: Woody After Hours is about a group of people who work at a late-night talk show in the historical, but rapidly declining,  Sir Walter Raleigh Theater in Raleigh, NC.  It follows the life of Woody and his cast and crew as they try to make a name for themselves in the […]


Open for Debate: Micro or Teeny-Tiny-Payments

To start off with, I’d like to let you know that this is essentially a continuation of the Micropayment discussion from the Workshop Mailbag posted last week. I’ve also recently posted on my comic’s site that I am pushing a large amount of my content off of the free site area and I’m working on […]


Character Sketch Challenge #14 – July 4th BBQ Disaster

Character Sketch Challenge #14 Species: Any type of character Characteristics: BBQ Disasters We’ve all either experienced them first hand or witnessed them happen, the BBQ that just didn’t quite go right.  Exploding grills, firecrackers in someone’s shorts, Uncle Owen burns his eyebrows off,  rain outs, etc.  Just make sure you incorporate a BBQ scene and […]


Wacom Tablet Tune-Up

Hey there Webcomic Alliance folk! Today we’re going to get under the hood of your WACOM Tablet to boost its performance and increase your production! By making adjustments through the calibration options that come with your tablet, you can easily make it conform to your drawing preferences. For those of you just starting out with […]


Pick of the Week: Tara Normal

Who is Tara Normal: Tara Normal can best be described as part Nancy Drew, part Fox Mulder (X-Files).  Tara is a Paranormal Private Investigator that helps solve the un-explainable cases with some help from folks like Shadowman, an out of body Sheriff, and a baby Cthulhu to name a few.   Whether she’s battling zombies, kicking […]


What’s in Your Con Box?

Since we’re in the heart of convention season, I figured take a minute to share a bit about my convention box in this guest post. Hope you enjoy! Tyler’s Con Box Checklist Thumb tax Rubber bands Binder clips Mechanical pencils Micron Inks (005 – 08) Sharpies, Copic Multiliners, and other thick black inks Silver/Gold Markers […]