Webcomic Workshop #1

Welcome to the Webcomic Workshop! The Webcomic Workshop is a podcast that troubleshoots the world of webcomics.  The four of come together with the problems and issues we face of creating and promoting our own webcomics.  We then share with you the solutions we come up with in our round table discussions. This week, the […]


Welcome to the Webcomic Alliance!

Hi everyone! We are proud to launch the home of the Webcomic Alliance, your worksource for digital comics! The Webcomic Alliance is for all webcomic artists and writers, from aspiring to well established webcomic community members, who are looking for some help or input from fellow webcomic creators. The Webcomic Alliance is a free resource […]


New York Comic Con Recap

It’s a rare occurrence that I get to see a comic con from an attendee’s perspective. I prefer to exhibit rather than wander the aisles myself, but I do make the effort if there will be people I’m dying to meet there- exhibiting or attending. To get a feel for the crowd, the buzz, the […]


Digital Inking 101

If you’ve been creating comics for a while now, you’ve probably debated if you should switch to digitally inking your work. The thought of no pencil lines to erase, no ink to accidentally spill, and the powerful control/command-Z option is intriguing, is it not? Heck, if you can sketch your comic digitally, the scanner even […]


Comic Brand-Aid

This is an ongoing series where we take a look at the concept of branding and how it applies to your comic.


Font Factor: Types of Fonts

This article didn’t go into great depth regarding the various other categories – or even comic categories for one simple reason – you have a life and we could spend days investigating them.


Writing Your Comic

There are books, college courses and lots of blog posts about writing for comics.  I like to break things down to simple bullet points that outline some common sense items we should all be doing, but forget or take for granted.  Here’s my tips on writing my webcomic. Syntax. If you don’t know what that […]

Traditional vs Digital Debate (in my own head)

Cartoonists can be so finicky. Every one of us has our necessities, our favorite pen or pencil brand, the thickness or tooth to the paper we draw on, or the must-have computer application.. and none other will do! Don’t even try to persuade us to change. We like what we like. I understand, I do. […]

Creating Panels With Manga Studio

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I create my panels using the Panel Tool in Manga Studio. For this tutorial, version EX4 was used. As with any tutorial, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so experiment with the method I use and see what’s best for your style! […]


Project (Sorta) Wonderful

I want to clarify off the bat that I am no Advertising Guru who knows all the ins and out of online promotion via banner-exchange services. No brilliant magic answers here. I do, however, have close to 2 years of experience with Project Wonderful specifically, and this article is the summary of my adventure with […]