POTM: Tall Tails

Happy June, Alliance readers! Time for a new Pick of the Month, and so I went on a hunt for a comic with everything! I think Tall Tails by J.D Calderon & Daphne Lage pretty much fits the bill. A fantasy & adventure comic, featuring “anthro” characters of all kinds, in a tale of swords & […]


Alliance Chat 38

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we chat about Comics Are For Everyone, an experiment Dawn Griffin and three other all-ages comic creators tried recently at a convention in Philadelphia. The idea was to get two booths in Small Press instead of tables in Artist Alley and present […]

C2E2 Chicago 2015 – A Review

Another great Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) has come and gone. April 24th to the 26th saw record attendance for this relatively new comic con here in Chicago. I attended the very first C2E2 back in 2010 with Dawn Griffin and Antoine Gagnon, plus TGT pal Kurt Sasso. 2010 was my first convention as […]

POTM: The Hero Business

I really hate Bill Walko… Now, if you’re asking yourself “who the heck is Bill Walko and why does Chris hate him?” then it’s obvious you’ve never read The Hero Business and if that’s the case, then the first thing you need to do is click that link, head over to Bill’s site so you can […]

Alliance Chat 37

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we chat about Perception of Success. How everyone’s level of “success” is going to be different. In that discussion we chat about how in your career you will make lots of decisions. Go left or go right, and depending on which way you […]

Alliance Chat 36

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we chat about how our collecting habits tie into our comic making. Dawn is “sans-whiskey”, Robin is nearly in Hulk-out mode, Byron forgot it was 4/20, Chris is Chris and our guest Cory Matthews had his hands full as we were on full […]

Treat your Kickstarter like a Convention

Note from Robin: Please welcome Christina Major, author of this Guest Article, whose approach to Kickstarters will have you thinking about campaigns in a new way! She’s also running a Kickstarter for the next volume of Sombulus! Yay! Crowdfunding can be a very scary prospect, much like your first artist alley table at a convention. […]

Webcomic Workshop Podcast 81

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Robin wants input on how to name and start up her creative consulting business. Then Dawn looks for input on how to organize and do her Kickstarter. Seems there’s a match made in heaven in this one. Great discussion on running a Kickstarter, if we […]

Creating Opportunity: A Venn Diagram

Chasing a creative dream is a complicated matter. Deep down, we know it’s not a simple as “step 1, step 2, step 3, SUCCESS!”. Deep down, we know it’s all a crapshoot, and there’s so many determining factors of what could lead to success (however you may define that), it can feel like a big […]

Webcomic Workshop Podcast 79

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: We chat about changes in our lives thus far this year. We talk about the loss of a pet, and other personal issues, then we lighten it up by talking about porn titles, the wrap it up nicely with discussing how we were first introduced to […]

POTM: Snow by Night

A few of my favorite things in stories: Mythology, fantasy, history, unique characters, a strong emotional core, literary surprises, and lush artwork. A webcomic that has all of these favorite things: Snow by Night The Story The eponymous Snow-by-Night is a winter spirit in search of her heart in a colonial frontier city, who gets […]

Webcomic Workshop Podcast 80

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Reader/Listener Issues. We are approached frequently by newcomers to the webcomic industry to either review or evaluate their comic. We talk about how this may or may not help you and then discuss ways to help you spread the word about your new comic. We also […]

Let’s talk about getting organized…

Everyone has their own method of how they like to get organized or keep track of what they need to do. Most people refer to these type of organizational lists as just that… a “to do list”. There are also some really fantastic apps or programs out there that can assist you in creating your own […]

Alliance Chat 35

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we chat about our newest feature, our “Webcomics Wednesday Hangouts” where we start a Google Hangout and invite artists to join in with conversation and drawing. Friends of the show Ryan Fisher and C. A. Morgan join Dawn and Byron in talking […]

POTM: The Only Living Boy

Welcome to our March pick of the month! I’d like to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on a wildly popular title (that has celebrated its first anniversary as a webcomic) from one of my favourite artist/writer tandems out there right now. If you haven’t heard of The Only Living Boy by David Gallaher […]

9 Habits of Highly Profitable Freelancers

Freelancing can appear to be the perfect career: a completely flexible schedule, choice in projects, and working from home. Sounds like a dream, right? But in order to be successful, freelancers must have a completely different set of skills from the typical on-site cubicle Hobbit that has a supervisor checking their every move. As it […]

Being a Noob with Perseverance Part 1

Note from Byron: long-time reader of our articles, James Burton asked if I would share his experiences in starting up his webcomic. His story is inspiring and I’m glad he shared it with us. I got a chance once to feel the cold hand of death. I was diagnosed with an extremely rare and deadly […]

10 Pieces of Perspective for your First Convention

Your first few conventions can be amazing experiences, but they can also be difficult, overwhelming, and disheartening. Here’s 10 pieces of perspective that Cory and I have adopted over the past three years that keep us focused on the things that matter most. 1. The first year you have a superpower: Invisibility Yeah, I didn’t […]

Webcomic Workshop Podcast 78

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Listener Issue: How to handle a comic’s hiatus with your Patreon supporters. Plus we delve deeper into the overall process of how Patreon works. Drezz: Formatting your comic for a mobile format. Is this the new wave for webcomics?

POTM: Curls Studio

It’s February which means a NEW Pick of the Month! As we ease into 2015, a new year full of new opportunities and resolutions, I wanted to select someone who is already on a roll, and colors outside the lines (figuratively, in this case) to help inspire us. This person is Carolyn Belefski, of Curls […]