Podcast 154: Art Tips for Comic Creators

Art Tips for Comic Creators.

Tonight we take a cue from long-time listener Aron Mason and chat about various tips for comic creators. Byron answers questions about his process of creating his comic digitally using Clip Studio Paint, and then Dawn, Chris, and Liz cover tips on line-weight, shading, lighting, and more are covered. Plus a special “Die Hard” ending for the Christmas holiday! 

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages.
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  1. thanks a lot for the great tips guys that was an awesome podcast, and i really enjoyed the tips you gave. (and you thought it would be hard to talk about a visual medium, if they can have ventriloquism on radio, we can talk about art!) i now have been listening for four years and made many comic pages while doing so.

  2. Great shows guys, definitely helpful. Already experimenting inking way zoomed-in. By the way – there is a way to open a second instance of your Clip Studio canvas. It’s under “Window/Canvas/New Window”. It defaults to a new tabbed window which you can drag out and set to tile side-by-side (under the Window menu again.)

    Thanks again!

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