Podcast 155: Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”

Sarah Burrini of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”

Tonight we chat with the one and only Sarah Burrini of the webcomic “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm”! Sarah is from Germany and we wanted to talk about the differences of her market compared to the American Webcomic market. We also discussed how her webcomic has helped her career as well as the challenges of translating a German comic into English. As a special guest, we asked Arne Schulenberg of the webcomic “Union of Heroes” to join in as he is a fellow German webcomic creator and he talks about how he produced his comic as a photo-comic using actors.

Click here to visit the Collective of Heroes website that Arne mentions. Click here to buy Sarah’s “Nerd Girl” online, and click here to buy Arne’s “Union of Heroes” online.

Byron’s Guest Art for “Union of Heroes”

Sarah’s Guest Art for “Union of Heroes”

Chris’ Guest Art for “Union of Heroes”

Read Byron’s original review from 2011 of “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm” by clicking here. Visit the “Life Ain’t No Ponyfarm” Facebook page by clicking here. 

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages.
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