Podcast 248: Chuck Ayers Interview

Podcast #248: Interview with Chuck Ayers

Tonight is a special podcast! Byron and his friend Betty Rider interview legendary comic strip artist Chuck Ayers in his office in Akron, Ohio. Chuck Ayers is the artist behind two famous and nationally syndicated comic strips called “Funky Winkerbean” and “Crankshaft.” He sat down with Byron and Betty this past September and chatted about how he got started in the business, progressing from editorial cartoonist to syndicated cartoonist, and his process for drawing his comics. Enjoy!

Chuck Ayers with Byron

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  1. Byron and Betty,

    Thanks so much for this fantastic interview! It was very interesting to know more about Chuck Ayers and his work. I met Tom Batiuk at a NCS meeting a few years ago, he’s a super nice guy, and I have the upmost respect for these two creators’ talent, creativity and longevity. Thanks for taking time out to make this happen.

    On a side note, Byron, this is an exceptional podcast and I’d love for you to do more of these one-on-one interviews. You have a special talent for engaging conversation and keeping it informative and entertaining.

  2. Thank you, Mark! I try to get people to relax so they can just talk comfortably. I like doing them and I intend to line more of these up. – Byron

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