WA Podcast 124 – Patreon Tips for Webcomic Creators

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

Creating your own comic scripts. Chatting about Patreon. Byron converted his Patreon from a Per Month Support to a Per Creation Support, but it was a bit confusing at first and he chats about how he resolved the issue. We also talk about how Webcomic creators should not make too much extra work for themselves with Patreon as it is designed to let people support you with or without rewards. Patreon’s philosophy is much different from Kickstarter’s. We also talk about charging for your original files when doing illustration work or advertising agency work.

Drink of the Week: Chris had a Long Island Iced Tea, raspberry lemonade for Christina, tea for Liz, and boring water for Byron.

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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