WA Podcast 120 – Protect Yourself from Theft

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

Today’s discussion…

Protecting yourself from table theft at comic cons. Chris talks about his recent theft experience at Awesome Con, and we all chat about what artists can do to protect themselves. Byron starts off the podcast with a couple fun questions for the podcast panel. Put your answer below in the comments section!

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. tall guy with missing teeth here …(but i’m white and was on the other side of the planet! honest gov’)
    sorry to hear this happened chris ,i hope someone gets these scumbags on camera so the cops can nab them, people like that spoil stuff for everyone. as for things to do my i suggest a pair of those trousers that have lots of pockets. and as for the tip jar get a big bottle that’s harder to grab. thanks for another great podcast peeps!

  2. I liked the “get to know the alliance members” type questions at the beginning. Also, I hope those scumbag thieves get caught. Great to know that there were so many other fellow artists that had Chris’s back though. 🤘🏽

    • I will be doing more of those type questions in upcoming podcasts. I hope the thieves get caught as well, it was disgusting to prey on artists like that. Chris is a great guy, and it shows by the folks who stepped up for him in this situation.

  3. Hey Aron and Jeanilee…
    Thanks for the comments. Aron, unfortunately, your trousers with lots of pockets suggestion won;t really work as i already wear camoflaged pants with side leg pockets to every show. In some ways, that was partially the cause as I usually keep my money bag in one of those side pockets and those guys caught me at just the precise time where I had put the money bag on my table.
    But now I have taken to wearing a fanny pack (my wife found a still existing one at Wal-Mart!). Another artist suggested a “leg drop bag” but the few that I found couldn’t fit around my thighs. Being an ex-high school catcher, I have pretty thick legs!

    To give a bit of an update though…
    Brett Carreras – the owner and operator of the Virginia Comic Con and one of the many people who reached out to me once they learned what happened – offered me a free table at his two day show. I could only make one of the two days but that Saturday, I easily made back all of the money that was stolen from me plus more. So, in the end, everything ended up working out.

    Unfortunately, as I might have metioned on that podcast, I didn’t get the word out far enough as those two guys actually did come back the next day and they hit another artist at his table too. But next year, I am going to do my best to warn as many of my AA buddies as I can…

    -Chris Flick

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