Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! Happy New Year! First Podcast of 2012!

This podcast we discuss:

Antoine: We’ve seen it in the Comic Books industry. But how do you feel about getting a better artist than yourself to draw a Cover Page of a Potential Upcoming Comic?

Byron: Does Google Analytics have a way to see what files (i.e. images) are being used?  My old stats reports would have a listing of pages and then files.  This way I can see who’s downloading a certain size Desktop, etc. or if a Member’s only file is suddenly being abused.

Ken: Thinking of scaling back from five days to one – is that too much and how would you reformat a comic from daily four panel to weekly nine panel? Note, I’d do as I recommended in past podcasts by posting the sketches on Monday, inking (no text) on Wednesday and Final on Friday OR should I do Comic on Monday, sketches on Wed and inking (no text) on Friday?

Since it’s our first of 2012 why don’t we each tell one or two resolution as artists?

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