Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Now featuring a listener’s issue each podcast! Happy New Year! First Podcast of 2012!

This podcast we discuss:

Dawn:  Thoughts on using Tumblr to post your comics. In addition to your WordPress? INSTEAD of a WP site, like Ken has been testing out on G+? What kind of audience does Tumblr have, compared to twitter, G+, FB… and is it worth your time getting involved in yet another social medium?

Antoine:  Writing a script for a brand new comic. How do do it? Do you create your character first, then develop a plot? Do you have an idea for a plot, then develop your characters as you write the story?

Byron:  I’m starting to wonder if the conventional wisdom/success stories for digital comic publishing are geared for more toward humor strips than a long-form serial comic. For example – things like having your site land on the current page… does that even make sense for a long-form serial narrative?  (This is from Don Garvey of but I share the same issue)

LISTENERS ISSUE: In the upcoming convention season, I’m considering offering a sign-up sheet for people to “hook” them into the comic. I’ll tie the sign-up to a raffle of a drawing to sweeten the pot. I’m also going to offer the sign-up on an iPad or laptop so I don’t have to deal with peoples’ sloppy-ass handwriting. A few questions:  Pretty much all of us are using WordPress. What plug-ins do you think would work best for allowing people to subscribe and automatically get emailed as you update?  I use Feedburner to currently subscribe people via email but Feedburner doesn’t seem to allow ME to enter additional email addresses to the feed. Am I missing something?  What are the pros/cons of doing this?
* From Brock Beauchamp

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