Webcomic Workshop Podcast 89


Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face.

This podcast we discuss:

Chris: In honor of Deadpool’s release, parents who insists on bringing their underage kids to R-rated super hero movies.

Robin: How do I escape the Value Trap? I want to promote my new project and get people interested in what I’m doing, but I always sabotage myself by feeling I have to post something “Valuable” — ie, something HUGE, involved, difficult to put together, and too involved to be bite-sized for most people.

Byron: My goals for 2016 and how I’m handling my depression.

Warning: Podcast may contain some language not suitable for all-ages
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  1. Thanks for the friendly shout out at the end there guys. Looking forward to hanging with you in about a month Byron at ECCC. Also Robin I’m sure I’ll run into you in Denver for that drink I talked about and of course catching up with you Dawn and Chris. I’m making it a point to catch an Orioles game when I’m out that way if you all are interested you’re more than invited.

    Not sure if Ms. Staley is doing any of the shows I’ll be at, but it looks like I’m close to collecting the whole set of you fine folks this year.

    • Hey Ryan!
      I’m so giddy that you and Byron will be neighbors at ECCC. Like, more than I should be. A little envy going on there too. Really want to do that show. I hope it’s good for you all!

      See you in Baltimore, bud! It’s gonna be a blast. I had my best year at BCC in 2015, so we’ll see if I can top it. Yknow, without the superhero coasters…hmmm..

  2. …..annnnd for some reason we can NEVER get all WA members in the same room at the same time. Just not in the cards. I have never met Robin, actually. or Drezz.

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