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The Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before!

Welcome to the Alliance Chat! This podcast will be about various topics in not only the comic industry, but nearly anything that effects creators of all types. And sometimes just plain old life issues.

In this podcast, we chat about: Robin brings up the aesthetics of play and applies them to webcomics vs. video games.  Here is the list she mentions in the podcast:


  • Sensation: Sight, sound, touch, taste, sound. Sense pleasure.
  • Fantasy: Ability to step into a role that you would be unable to occupy otherwise.
  • Narrative: Media as drama. The twists and turns of a story.
  • Challenge: Engagement in overcoming obstacles.
  • Fellowship: Any activity where a group works together to accomplish a goal.
  • Competition: Expressing dominance over others, to demonstrate superiority over others.
  • Discovery: Uncovering the new.
  • Expression: A platform for expressing an aspect of ourselves.
  • Abnegation: Past-time. Something that allows the user to dis-engage, zone-out, or otherwise leave behind the real-world that does not require work.

These were introduced to her in the online show Extra Credits in the episode “Aesthetics of Play” which you can watch here:

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  1. Great episode…nice to hear you guys really digging into the nuts and bolts of the creative process. This is a really interesting way to look at stories. I’m hard-pressed, though, to figure out which ones apply to my own work, besides the obvious “narrative”. Maybe I’m too close to look at it objectively.

    • It was something I thought about for months. I had to consider my product as more than just the comic. The way readers used the website, the kind of reader-creator interaction, the products I have, the way we present at cons, etc. All of these things were part of the product, and helped reveal the core reasons for why people were engaging with my work.

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