Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman is one of those great webcomics that when you start reading it you find yourself not wanting to stop.  This comic captures our imaginations and takes us back to our childhood to those days where we longed for adventure, dreamed of aliens visiting, and just knew that there was something exciting waiting for us just over the next horizon.

“Red” is  a 10 year old foster girl who longs to escape from her life for a little bit, so one day she decides to skip school and in the course of that day is accidentally kidnapped by aliens, transported across to the other side of the galaxy, and eventually finds herself shipwrecked on a strange new planet with an eclectic group of aliens. Taweefinds his first day on the job to be a bit more stressful than usual.  First he continues to make mistakes and then finds himself in a chaotic situation that puts him on board a city sized spacecraft as it crashes on a strange planet.   For those of us that had a chance to see the sneak peek of Red’s Planet when Eddie first released it we saw that Tawee and Red become pretty close.

Goose is one of those characters that some of us were introduced to in the sneak peek as well, and has yet to make an appearance in the daily webcomic but his path is about to cross Red and Tawee’s before too long.   Goose is another example of these great characters that Eddie breathes to life.   He reminds me so much of the late great Walter Matthau.

 Eddie has created a wonderfully exciting new world that Red has been whisked away to.   Eddie’s treatment of his characters makes their lives one we long to be in, and makes us care for them.   Whether we are whisking down the back roads with the sheriff in pursuit of some hot rodder space alien, or meeting the Aquilari as they search for new treasures to obtain, we are taken there through wonderful line work, vivid colors, and exceptional story telling.  You can definitely see that this is a true labor of love that Eddie is sharing with us.

Eddie has had a busy year this year, having taken his family on a long cross country move from Florida to California so that Eddie can be a part of one of the greatest animation series out there, Phineas and Ferb.  You heard me right, Phineas and Ferb.   So not only is Eddie helping create a wonderfully entertaining animated series he is still bringing us Red’s Planet updates every Monday and taking us deeper and deeper into this wonderful world.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Red’s Planet don’t wait until you’re abducted by Aliens, just click on the link below and check it our for yourself.  I can guarantee you’re gonna love what you see and long for more.

Be sure to come back on the 16th of July as I ask Eddie some questions and we get a bit more insight into the creator of Red’s Planet here at the Webcomic Alliance.  Now what are you still waiting for, go read Red’s Planet.

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