Pick of the Week: Joe!

Joe! follows the life and adventures of 10-year-old Joe Green.   This sarcastic and mischievous little boy frequently finds himself in trouble, but never fails to have a smart-aleck response to get himself out of it.  This online comic shows the world through the eyes of young Joe, along with his family and friends.

 Michelle Billingsley, creator of Joe!, creates a visually stunning world that has a manga feel to the art work with the way expressions are used and the line work. Joe! is a mixed form online comic with a mix of multi-strip story arcs, and gag a day strips from time to time.   The use of colors that Michelle uses with her comic is just amazing and really makes the characters and scenes jump off the screen.

As the story lines unfold we see that Joe finds himself in a lot of trouble from time to time brought on by his own doings. Yet along the way we get to see the people in Joe’s life that influence him and his dynamic with his family.  Joe may be a trouble-maker, but at the end of the day his friends and family are right there with him, usually ready to smack him in the back of his head, but they are there none the less.  Joe! really shows the bond between family and friends and what influences us most at that age.

 Take some time and experience Joe! and this wonderful world that Michelle has created.   I guarantee, once you get started reading about Joe, his family, and friends you’ll find yourself anxious for the next installment.  So go check it out, you’re gonna really enjoy it.

Website: http://www.joefunnies.com

Follow Michelle on Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/mbillingsley80

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  1. JOE is another one of my favorite comics on the web. I am so glad that creator, Michelle Billingsley, has come returned to webcomics with a vigor and passion that I haven’t seen in quite awhile.

    Her art is eye-candy and her choice of colors always astounds and impresses me. Keep up the great work, M!

    • I stumbled upon Joe! on the day she posted #100 on her site. I went back thru the archives and followed the story forward and found myself excited for more, so I knew which one I wanted to post for this weeks Pick of the Week. I can’t wait to see more from her. Her style and story telling is just so great.

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