Pick of the Week: Robbie and Bobby

Robbie and Bobby by Jason Poland takes us on a fun trip with Bobby and his new best friend Robbie the Robot.   Bobby is your typical little boy always getting into trouble, finding new adventures, etc. with one cool exception, he get’s to have these adventures with his very own autonomous robot.

Robbie and Bobby takes a fun look at life with a robot from one a day gags, to short story arcs.   The comic has been around since 2003 and continues to bring new adventures for readers with each new updated.   Having started in 2003 for the daily newspaper at the University of Houston Jason has drawn over 800+ Robbie and Bobby comic strips so there are plenty of fun strips for new readers to enjoy, whether you jump into the archives and start from the beginning or take advantage of the Random button and enjoy all there is to offer.

Jason Polland is a cartoonist from Houston, Texas and a University of Houston graduate.  He has had the special privilege of having his comics and illustrations appear in several publications such as Film Monitor and NANOFiction to name a few.  Non comic related, one cool thing I found out about this artist as I researched him was that he won a job as a LEGO Model Builder at LEGOLAND California back in 2006, and has created nervio, a series of unauthorized custom designed LEGO sets.  Very cool!

Jason presents his comic in a hand drawn format with hand drawn lettering as well.   The rough lines give it a relaxed sketching feel that brings back memories of those older nostalgic strips we grew up on.   Adding a bit of color to the B&W comic also adds that special unique touch that makes Jason’s work really stand out for me.

Several months ago I found Robbie and Bobby for the first time thanks to twitter and I have thoroughly enjoyed digging through the archives and watching these two friends experience fun adventures together and I know you will to. So click on over to Robbie and Bobby and check it out for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

Website: http://www.robbieandbobby.com

Follow Jason on Twitter: @robbieandbobby

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