Pick of the Week: Stix and Bones

Stix and Bones is not your typical comic about a little girl and her dog, well unless your typical girl and dog story finds them keeping zombies inline, battling giant rats, and trying to thwart the evil desires of an old man.  Stix and Bones is a very creative story about Bones (Nika) who lives in a house, built over her fathers genetics laboratory and is kept company and protected by her loyal friend Stix.

Bones and Stix find themselves in some very unusual situations due to the activities that have taken place around Bones house and the work her father was doing.

Bones Granny, who came back as a talking tree, thanks to Bones dad’s genetic experiments leaking into the neighboring family cemetery, is there to offer Bones that loving family support.

Stix was abandoned and found by Bones who took him home, took care of him and now Stix never leaves.  He protects Bones and her friends with his proficiency in Kung Fu.  So as you can see he is definitely not your typical dog.  Which is great cause these are not your typical circumstances so someone of Stix talents is always needed.


Darrell Toland, creator of Stix and Bones has created a very fun long form online comic that introduces a wide range of unique child characters and takes them on some very cool adventures.  Darrell has created a world that shows us that even though they are just kids they still have what it takes to band together to stop bad things from happening, and don’t spend their time sitting on the sidelines, though some of them may wish they could.

So for a very fun and fresh online comic that is filled with adventure, jokes, and kick butt action look no further than Stix and Bones.

Website: www.stixandbones.com

Twitter Feed for Stix and Bones – http://twitter.com/MoandJinks

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  1. Wow, it’s so strange when I stumble across this kind of thing. First off, thank you kindly for noticing my little comic. I love my characters and enjoy letting them tell their stories. (Some of them tend to get a bit grouchy when ignored tho.) I hope to be able to continue for quite some time. Secondly, I’m humbled when folks take the time to write nice things about my work. It makes it all worthwhile. Cheers!

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