POTM Interview: George Broderick, Jr

For the first half of December we have put the Christmas Spotlight on Cool Yule Comics by George Broderick, Jr and now it’s time to readjust the flood light in the yard and put it on the creator of the comics George Broderick, Jr. himself.  So get your favorite snuggie, a warm cup of Joe […]

POTM Interview: Steve Ogden of Doctor Magnifico

I hope you have enjoyed finding out about Steve Ogden’s new comic Doctor Magnifico.  If you haven’t dropped over to check out the comic do so now…well, after you finish reading this of course, then do so.  It’s been a great month spotlighting Doctor Magnifico and seeing another great work by the super talented Steve […]


POTM Interview: David Hurley of Don’t Pick the Flowers

September has been a fun month to visit David Hurley’s wonderful webcomic “Don’t Pick the Flowers”.  Now that you’ve taken some time to familiarize yourself with David’s work, let’s take a little bit of time and learn some more about David himself as he takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”. […]

POTM Interview: Cody Baier of Cloudscratcher

This month we’ve taken to the skies with Cloudscratcher and been on some amazing adventures with this eclectic group of heroes, but let’s come back down to earth and take some time to focus on the creator of this wonderful comic, Cody Baier.  Cody will take on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the […]

POTM Interview: Christine Dufor of “Shades of Gray”

  So far this month we’ve visited an alien world where we’ve watched as Ten tries hard to make his mark in Shades of Gray, but let’s take a look now at the young lady behind this wonderful world Christine Dufor as she takes on our 10 Questions for the Pick of the Month.  Through […]

POTM Interview: Nalem and Spanio

It’s been a great February spotlighting that flying heroine Zeppelin and her friends in the great webcomic “Lighter than Heir”.  Lighter than Heir is another great collaboration comic from the talented artist and writer over at Pale Dog Studios, Nalem and Spanio.  So let’s take some time and find out a little bit more about […]


POTM Interview: Jeff Crowther

We’ve had a lot of fun this month putting the spotlight on the blue hero of Squaresville, but let’s shift gears and focus now on the creator that brought Yeti to us, Jeff Crowther.  So sit back and take some time with us as we submit our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month” […]


POTM Interview: Tauhid Bondia

When you weren’t running for your life from the living dead I hope you took some time this month and checked out our Pick of the Month write up on “The Angry Dead”, if not go ahead click here and check it out then come on back and let’s turn our spotlight on the creator […]


POTM Interview: Jack Slade of Scaredemy

We’ve had a great month spotlighting Scaredemy by Jack Slade.  Jack’s work has taken us into the life of Simon Fairwee, watching him develop his skills and work to become a great magician.  Well speaking of skills, and working towards things Jack Slade has worked to create a wonderful comic series with Scaredemy, so let’s […]


POTM Interview: Frank Page of Bob the Squirrel

  We’ve had a lot of fun this month hanging out with Bob the Squirrel.  When Frank’s not trying to keep his inspirational character happy with peanut butter cups, he’s creating and being inspired.  So what makes Frank tick, not the nervous tick Bob gives him, but the inspirational tick?  We’ll find out a little […]


POTM Interview: Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire

  What a month July has been for one Vinnie the Vampire, usually summer is not good on a Vampire, for obvious reasons, but he even awoke a night or two with a fanged smile knowing he has been the Pick of the Month for July.  However, there’s someone else who has been enjoying the […]


POTM Interview: The creative minds behind Deep Dive Daredevils

This month we have been sharing Deep Dive Daredevils by the Thre315ive (Three One Five) as our May Pick of the Month.  Now those that know me know how much I love collaboration comics, to see all these super talented minds in writing and drawing come together to create an absolute masterpiece.  Deep Dive Daredevils […]


POTM Interview: Joshua Hauke

For the month of March we’ve had the great pleasure of putting the spotlight on another fun webcomic, Tales of the Brothers Three by the very talented Joshua Hauke.   Joshua first launched Tales of the Brothers Three back in 2009 so he’s been hanging out on the Webcomics block for a little while now. […]


POTM Interview: Jen Lee of THUNDERPAW

For the month of February we’ve had the pleasure of putting the animated spotlight on a very cool comic THUNDERPAW by Jen Lee.  So let’s take some time and meet Jen as she tackles our “10 Questions”, giving us all a chance to connect with her a little bit better. Thinking back, what is the […]


POTM Interview: Sean McLean of Loop

  For the month of January we’ve taken a trip in time as we’ve put the spot light on the time traveling comic “Loop“.  So let’s take a moment now and come to the present and meet the creator of Loop Sean McLean.  Sean has been very busy with two webcomics, guest art at other […]


POTM Interview: Vince Dorse of Untold Tales of Bigfoot

For the month of December we’ve packed up our camping gear and headed out into the woods in search of the elusive Bigfoot.  Along the way we met a wonderfully cute and friendly member of the Sasquatch family brought to us by the very talented Vince Dorse.  So now that we’ve taken sometime to get […]


POTM Interview: Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary

The Month of November we have loaded our Plasma cannons and spent time with Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler as our POTM.  Howard has been creating Schlock Mercenary for 12 years now and continues to take us down some very exciting journeys with Schlock and the crew.  For the month of November we have been […]


POTM Interview: Chris Watkins creator of Odori Park

The Month of October has been a wonderful month sharing Odori Park by Chris Watkins as our POTM.  Chris started Odori Park back in 2009 and has been bringing us the wonderful life of the Easton’s ever since.  For the month of October we have been spotlighting Odori Park and I’d like to take this time […]