POTM: Deep Dive Daredevils

Deep below the surface of the water there are things lurking that mere mortal men would run in fear of, but not the crew of the Custer, for fear is not the ways of the Deep Dive Daredevils. Being led by Captain J.W. Custer, who has really become one with his ship, the crew consists […]


Contest! Backgrounds with Character Challenge!

What’s the big deal about Backgrounds? It’s not just your characters that can have personality and moods — your backgrounds do too! Are your backgrounds bringing out the best in your work, or are they missed opportunities? They matter to everyone This isn’t just for long-form comics either — It can be key for a […]


Pick of the Week: Meat Shield

Meat Shield follows the adventures of Dhur, a half-orc barbarian warrior as he travels from land to land doing what he’s paid to do, kill things and take their stuff.  Along this journey he’s accompanied by Jaine, who wants to become a master bard so she is following Dhur on his adventures hoping to pull […]