Ready, Set… ACTION Pose Tutorial

Get your pencils ready, kids – today we’re going to learn about drawing out a character sheet that shows off a series of different action poses. This character sheet is a good way of developing a bible or encyclopedia that ensures your character’s design remains consistent from every angle – similar to a character turn-around. […]


Coloring in Photoshop – Basic Tutorial

Okay folks – back with another tutorial on coloring techniques. Since most creators use Photoshop, I’ve created the tutorial using the program – but, the steps are fairly basic and can be ported over to your artwork software of choice. Today, I’m going to show you how to color a simple character you’ve drawn and […]


Inking Techniques – Traditional vs. Digital (Part One)

Hi folks! Over the next few articles, I’m going to show you all the differences between traditional inking and digital inking. They both have their benefits and inconveniences, but being fluent in both methods will make you a more well rounded artist overall. In this first part, I’m going to show you the basics of […]


How to Draw Hands and Feet

Drawing hands and feet has been the bane of a number of budding artists. Even some professionals skirt the issue of drawing these parts correctly by hiding them behind other characters or conveniently placed things like rubble, bodies, etc. I had a friend in college who called it the dreaded ‘foot fear.‘ Well, fear no […]


Stop Procrastinating! Start Working!

Ken’s previous article “Starting from Scratch“, talked about how to put your ideas to paper instead of just keeping them locked away in your head. This article is a follow-up, and its going to act as the kick in the rear you need to do what he’s talking about. I had a high school gym […]


Wacom Tablet Tune-Up

Hey there Webcomic Alliance folk! Today we’re going to get under the hood of your WACOM Tablet to boost its performance and increase your production! By making adjustments through the calibration options that come with your tablet, you can easily make it conform to your drawing preferences. For those of you just starting out with […]