POTM: Yeti 4 Hire

No job too big or too small for eight year old entrepreneur Veronica and her partner, Yeti.   This month we present Yeti 4 Hire by the talented Jeff Crowther.  An out of work Yeti and an eight year old work savvy young entrepreneur are just what the town of Squaresville need.  Whether they are […]


POTM Interview: Vince Dorse of Untold Tales of Bigfoot

For the month of December we’ve packed up our camping gear and headed out into the woods in search of the elusive Bigfoot.  Along the way we met a wonderfully cute and friendly member of the Sasquatch family brought to us by the very talented Vince Dorse.  So now that we’ve taken sometime to get […]


POTM: Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Deep in the woods there lurks an elusive creature, well maybe not so much elusive as shy.  Vince Dorse takes us into the Untold Tales of Bigfoot.   We meet up with Bigfoot as the story begins trying to meet new friends, and being turned down at every turn.   Until suddenly he meets a […]