Anatomy 101, Part Two: Differences in Proportions

Okay class – settle in. We’re up for another session of anatomy class, so pay attention. You may just learn something. In our previous drawing proportions tutorial, I told you all about the structural differences between males and females when you’re attempting to draw correct proportions.In this lesson, we’re going to look at the differences […]


Anatomy 101, Part One: Proportions

For most people, school starts in September. I skipped class a lot, so for me – it started in October. So, to honor my typical truant self, I’m going to give you all a Back to School special, Drezz style. This lesson is all about Anatomy. So after you drop your late slip off on […]


Draw Every Day!

“How did you get so good at drawing?” I get asked this question a lot. The answer is simple. I draw ALL the time. Sure there’s some latent talent that I tapped into, but let’s face it – EVERYONE can learn how to draw. It’s imagining WHAT to draw that is the difficult part. I’ll […]


Inking Techniques (Part Deux)

Howdy again folks, we’re back at it with part two (deux for you Frenchies out there) of my articles on Inking Techniques. I will explain a variety of different traditional inking techniques you can try out on your own hand drawn works and in part three of this series, I’ll explain how to apply them […]


Happy Birthday!

On October 13th, 2010, the Webcomic Alliance opened it’s doors. All those year ago. One year. That was quick…and it was awfully long. For certain, October snuck up on us here in the Alliance’s corporate offices. Since no one changed the wall calendar (next to the water cooler) twice this year, we all thought it […]