Dear Loved One: Why I Need Comics In My Life

Webcomics and comics in general is a staggeringly hard field in which to find success. Even a casual fan knows this. Which probably means your spouses, parents, siblings, and friends know it too. In a world of “STEP 1: go to school and get a degree in __blank__, STEP 2: get a job in said […]


POTM: Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Deep in the woods there lurks an elusive creature, well maybe not so much elusive as shy.  Vince Dorse takes us into the Untold Tales of Bigfoot.   We meet up with Bigfoot as the story begins trying to meet new friends, and being turned down at every turn.   Until suddenly he meets a […]


Pick of the Week: Friends With Boys

A perfect blend of coming-of-age drama and ghostly tales, Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks is this week’s Pick of the Week. I hardly ever have the time to devote to reading long-form comics (which is why I typically prefer the quick-pace of comic strips), but this one just snatched up my attention and […]