Inking Techniques (Numero Tres)

Hey kids! We’re back with the final instalment of the inking techniques tutorials. This week we’re going to learn about some methods to do inking digitally. If you have a WACOM tablet or ink using your mouse (hardcore!) you’ll find some of these tips that will work with favorite software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). Let’s get to it! […]


Inking Techniques (Part Deux)

Howdy again folks, we’re back at it with part two (deux for you Frenchies out there) of my articles on Inking Techniques. I will explain a variety of different traditional inking techniques you can try out on your own hand drawn works and in part three of this series, I’ll explain how to apply them […]


Coloring and Inking Tips in Illustrator

Hey guys! I did me a little video which you could piggyback off of Dawn’s great Digital Techniques series. I discuss some of the pros for drawing in Illustrator: clean lines, editability and the vector-based format, in addition to showing you some techniques such as layer effects, masking, shortcuts, and templates. I didn’t get to […]


Inking Techniques – Traditional vs. Digital (Part One)

Hi folks! Over the next few articles, I’m going to show you all the differences between traditional inking and digital inking. They both have their benefits and inconveniences, but being fluent in both methods will make you a more well rounded artist overall. In this first part, I’m going to show you the basics of […]


Digital Techniques: Video Tutorial #2

Many people have asked me how I create Zorphbert and Fred. Well, it’s been along winding process over the years, and I am alway one to embrace the latest fad in technology (must be that gene passed down from my mom and grandfather). Currently, I am 100% digital, from sketch to finish. But it didn’t […]