POTM Interview: Jen Lee of THUNDERPAW

For the month of February we’ve had the pleasure of putting the animated spotlight on a very cool comic THUNDERPAW by Jen Lee.  So let’s take some time and meet Jen as she tackles our “10 Questions”, giving us all a chance to connect with her a little bit better. Thinking back, what is the […]


POTM Interview: Sean McLean of Loop

  For the month of January we’ve taken a trip in time as we’ve put the spot light on the time traveling comic “Loop“.  So let’s take a moment now and come to the present and meet the creator of Loop Sean McLean.  Sean has been very busy with two webcomics, guest art at other […]


POTM Interview: Vince Dorse of Untold Tales of Bigfoot

For the month of December we’ve packed up our camping gear and headed out into the woods in search of the elusive Bigfoot.  Along the way we met a wonderfully cute and friendly member of the Sasquatch family brought to us by the very talented Vince Dorse.  So now that we’ve taken sometime to get […]