Mini-Interview #4: Christina Major

Mini-Interviews for our 7 Year Anniversary Kickstarter! Robin’s chatting with Christina about Etch A Sketch heroes, philosophical questions of machine sentience, the origins of tropes, and our nefarious plans to take over future podcasts for the long-form comic agenda. We’re running a Kickstarter this month and thought we’d do something a little different. For the […]

Mini-Interview #3: Liz Staley

Mini-Interviews for our 7 Year Anniversary Kickstarter! Robin’s chatting with Liz about how to overhaul a Patreon to work for you instead of working you to exhaustion, Liz’s patent pending shovel workout routine, and if you RT this within 5 minutes the money sloth will grant you great prosperity. It’s true! Just listen to the […]

WA Podcast 95 – Patreon Posts and Routines

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Robin, Dawn, Chris, and Christina examine PATREON: What to post?  How often?  What works, what doesn’t?  How can I build a routine?  What ways can I engage my readership?  How do I make the experience special for Patrons? AND we have a drink of the week (the […]

Alliance Chat 42

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before! Happy Post Holidays! We’re back! In this podcast, we chat with Wes Molebash of the comic “Molebashed”. We invited him on just before the holidays to chat with us about how he wants to apply Dawn’s business model of doing her webcomic by taking scheduled […]

Webcomic Workshop Podcast 85

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. This podcast we discuss: Chris: For larger conventions, offering my spare vendor badge/pass to a reader or fan to help me out for the weekend. Dawn: My next comic project will be a graphic novel done in chapters but not post it on-line as I want to submit it […]

Backers vs Patrons

Kickstarter and Patreon are two platforms for independent artists to find support from their consumers. Both are based on similar principles, where a crowd of people each contribute a small sum to fund a larger goal. However, I propose that Patreon and Kickstarter are both fundamentally different from each other when it comes to WHY […]


Alliance Chat 20

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we’re chatting about Patreon and how it works and might fit into our webcomics. With us is guest Dave Barrack of the webcomic “Grrl Power”. Find his comic HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE. Right now Robin and Byron have their Patreon campaigns […]