POTM: PC Weenies

The Webcomic Alliance has been around, officially now, for 5 years. We’ve managed to build up quite a library of “Pick of the Month” comics to promote for you fine readers, and fellow creators. For a while there, back when we were new & overzealous, we had Pick of the WEEKs, even. That’s a whole […]

POTM: Tamuran

  So my first article for the Webcomic Alliance is a Pick of the Month! No pressure, right? I just have to pick something that is going to be featured for the ENTIRE month of October. No pressure at all. Thank goodness I know of a great comic that hasn’t been featured on the site […]

POTM Interview: Christine Dufor of “Shades of Gray”

  So far this month we’ve visited an alien world where we’ve watched as Ten tries hard to make his mark in Shades of Gray, but let’s take a look now at the young lady behind this wonderful world Christine Dufor as she takes on our 10 Questions for the Pick of the Month.  Through […]


POTM Interview: George Gant

We have warmed our cup this month with our December Pick of the Month “On the Grind” but now it’s time to go behind the counter and have a little one on one with our server of this fine dish, Mr. Geo Gant.  So sit down and top off that cup of joe and let’s […]


POTM Interview: Jack Slade of Scaredemy

We’ve had a great month spotlighting Scaredemy by Jack Slade.  Jack’s work has taken us into the life of Simon Fairwee, watching him develop his skills and work to become a great magician.  Well speaking of skills, and working towards things Jack Slade has worked to create a wonderful comic series with Scaredemy, so let’s […]


POTM Interview: Tim Green of Vinnie the Vampire

  What a month July has been for one Vinnie the Vampire, usually summer is not good on a Vampire, for obvious reasons, but he even awoke a night or two with a fanged smile knowing he has been the Pick of the Month for July.  However, there’s someone else who has been enjoying the […]


POTM: Tales of the Brothers Three

Tales of the Brothers Three is narrated in part by Mortimer J. Moose, who has a really good view of the family from his perch there upon the wall.  The story follows the family life of three brothers, one very precocious and the other 2…well, let’s just say very imaginative. The Three before mentioned brothers […]


POTM: Ralf the Destroyer

Hidden within the shadow of the moon the spacecraft sets its course and its weapons on target for Earth.  Fortunately for us Ralf the Destroyer is the sole occupant of the vessel.  Ralf has visions of grandeur but unfortunately for him  his plans of world destruction are thwarted by his procrastination and the fact that […]


POTM Interview: Charles Dowd creator of Lilith Dark

   This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Lilith Dark by Charles Dowd.  Charles has created a visually fantastic fantasy Long Form Webcomic/Online Graphic Novel.  For those of you that are fans of Charles work, as well as those who are new to his work I’d like to take some time to help you get […]


Pick of the Month: Lilith Dark

I am Lilith Dark!  The cry rises up from the dark as the brave warrior makes her attack on the beastie that lies in wait!  Did I catch your attention with that intro?  Well Lilith is ready to catch your attention and keep you coming back for more.  In the Dark’s backyard lies a tree, […]


POTM Interview: Reds Planet

This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman.  As something new here at the Webcomic Alliance we are now doing informal Pick of the Month Interviews with the creators as well.  Being a huge fan of Red’s Planet I was very excited to start my POTM series off with […]


Pick of the Month: Red’s Planet

Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman is one of those great webcomics that when you start reading it you find yourself not wanting to stop.  This comic captures our imaginations and takes us back to our childhood to those days where we longed for adventure, dreamed of aliens visiting, and just knew that there was something exciting […]