Pick of the Week: Woody After Hours

What is Woody After Hours: Woody After Hours is about a group of people who work at a late-night talk show in the historical, but rapidly declining,  Sir Walter Raleigh Theater in Raleigh, NC.  It follows the life of Woody and his cast and crew as they try to make a name for themselves in the […]


Pick of the Week: Tara Normal

Who is Tara Normal: Tara Normal can best be described as part Nancy Drew, part Fox Mulder (X-Files).  Tara is a Paranormal Private Investigator that helps solve the un-explainable cases with some help from folks like Shadowman, an out of body Sheriff, and a baby Cthulhu to name a few.   Whether she’s battling zombies, kicking […]


Tales of a Checkered Man

This week, the old fart steps in and does the Pick of the Week! I wanted to do this one as the comic at hand is a send up of classic masked caped-crusaders and I grew up on such comic book heroes.  Only this nameless hero has more then his share of set backs… namely […]