WA Podcast 111 – Finding Passion in Stressful Times

Solving Webcomic Issues We All Face. Today’s discussion… Dawn is feeling creatively drained lately by new activities and responsibilities, coupled with news she finds exhausting and uninspiring.  People say you should channel stress into art, but what if you’re not that kind of person?  Does that make you a bad artist?  Together Robin Childs (LeyLinesComic.com […]

POTM: Bloom County.. the Webcomic

  This Pick of the Month shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone not under a rock (which is plausible… sometimes a self-imposed rock is necessary for cartoonin’ production, no?). But, yes, Berkeley Breathed is back in action behind the Bloom County helm. And if you’ve peeked out from that rock at any point in the […]


Pick of the Week: Madbury

Madbury by Jynksie follows the life of Hodge Madbury, his family and friends in the New Hampshire town of Granite Hills.   Madbury offers a satirical and humorous look at the world of politics and life around us.   Jynskie promises thought that even though it can have it’s poignant story lines you don’t have […]