POTM: Altar Girl

I think I first met Kata Kane, the creator of Altar Girl, a few years ago at InterventionCon. I remember looking at Kata’s art, then looking at her and saying “Do you draw in Manga Studio?” (The answer was “yes”, by the way.) I didn’t get the chance to pick up her book then, or […]

POTM: PC Weenies

The Webcomic Alliance has been around, officially now, for 5 years. We’ve managed to build up quite a library of “Pick of the Month” comics to promote for you fine readers, and fellow creators. For a while there, back when we were new & overzealous, we had Pick of the WEEKs, even. That’s a whole […]

POTM: Tamuran

  So my first article for the Webcomic Alliance is a Pick of the Month! No pressure, right? I just have to pick something that is going to be featured for the ENTIRE month of October. No pressure at all. Thank goodness I know of a great comic that hasn’t been featured on the site […]

POTM: The Only Living Boy

Welcome to our March pick of the month! I’d like to take this opportunity to put the spotlight on a wildly popular title (that has celebrated its first anniversary as a webcomic) from one of my favourite artist/writer tandems out there right now. If you haven’t heard of The Only Living Boy by David Gallaher […]

POTM Interview: Cody Baier of Cloudscratcher

This month we’ve taken to the skies with Cloudscratcher and been on some amazing adventures with this eclectic group of heroes, but let’s come back down to earth and take some time to focus on the creator of this wonderful comic, Cody Baier.  Cody will take on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the […]

POTM: Pictures of You

Lets face it. The college/post-college group-of-friends concept is the classic obligatory comic many of us have dabbled in…. probably because we’ve all been there and for each of us, that time and those people affected us deeply and significantly. How we may have handled it– as a quippy comic strip, or an edgy indie longform […]


POTM Interview: Jeff Crowther

We’ve had a lot of fun this month putting the spotlight on the blue hero of Squaresville, but let’s shift gears and focus now on the creator that brought Yeti to us, Jeff Crowther.  So sit back and take some time with us as we submit our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month” […]


POTM Interview: Tauhid Bondia

When you weren’t running for your life from the living dead I hope you took some time this month and checked out our Pick of the Month write up on “The Angry Dead”, if not go ahead click here and check it out then come on back and let’s turn our spotlight on the creator […]


POTM: The Angry Dead

A Shuffle of feet, bloodshot eyes, creaking bones and groans that fill the corridors.  No those aren’t the sounds of a cartoonist waking up after their 2 hour sleep getting ready to face another day, it’s the sound of The Angry Dead.  The Angry Dead by Tauhid Bondia serves up a lot of zombies and […]


POTM: Deep Dive Daredevils

Deep below the surface of the water there are things lurking that mere mortal men would run in fear of, but not the crew of the Custer, for fear is not the ways of the Deep Dive Daredevils. Being led by Captain J.W. Custer, who has really become one with his ship, the crew consists […]


POTM Interview: Vince Dorse of Untold Tales of Bigfoot

For the month of December we’ve packed up our camping gear and headed out into the woods in search of the elusive Bigfoot.  Along the way we met a wonderfully cute and friendly member of the Sasquatch family brought to us by the very talented Vince Dorse.  So now that we’ve taken sometime to get […]


POTM: Schlock Mercenary

Deep in the recesses of space, or just one Teraport jump away from you is a mercenary like no other, Schlock.  Recruited, I use that word loosely, by Lieutenant Der Trihs and led by Captain Tagon, Schlock and the crew find themselves in the midst of a hostile takeover, and pushed in a new direction. […]


POTM Interview: Chris Watkins creator of Odori Park

The Month of October has been a wonderful month sharing Odori Park by Chris Watkins as our POTM.  Chris started Odori Park back in 2009 and has been bringing us the wonderful life of the Easton’s ever since.  For the month of October we have been spotlighting Odori Park and I’d like to take this time […]


POTM: Ralf the Destroyer

Hidden within the shadow of the moon the spacecraft sets its course and its weapons on target for Earth.  Fortunately for us Ralf the Destroyer is the sole occupant of the vessel.  Ralf has visions of grandeur but unfortunately for him  his plans of world destruction are thwarted by his procrastination and the fact that […]


POTM Interview: Charles Dowd creator of Lilith Dark

   This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Lilith Dark by Charles Dowd.  Charles has created a visually fantastic fantasy Long Form Webcomic/Online Graphic Novel.  For those of you that are fans of Charles work, as well as those who are new to his work I’d like to take some time to help you get […]


Pick of the Month: Lilith Dark

I am Lilith Dark!  The cry rises up from the dark as the brave warrior makes her attack on the beastie that lies in wait!  Did I catch your attention with that intro?  Well Lilith is ready to catch your attention and keep you coming back for more.  In the Dark’s backyard lies a tree, […]


POTM Interview: Reds Planet

This month we’ve had the great pleasure to showcase Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman.  As something new here at the Webcomic Alliance we are now doing informal Pick of the Month Interviews with the creators as well.  Being a huge fan of Red’s Planet I was very excited to start my POTM series off with […]


Pick of the Month: Red’s Planet

Red’s Planet by Eddie Pittman is one of those great webcomics that when you start reading it you find yourself not wanting to stop.  This comic captures our imaginations and takes us back to our childhood to those days where we longed for adventure, dreamed of aliens visiting, and just knew that there was something exciting […]