Alliance Chat 37

Welcome to the Alliance Chat: Where no topic has gone before! In this podcast, we chat about Perception of Success. How everyone’s level of “success” is going to be different. In that discussion we chat about how in your career you will make lots of decisions. Go left or go right, and depending on which way you […]


Rewards and Risks of Readership

It seems like webcartoonists are in a never-ending quest for more page-views – but is that an outdated goal? (More importantly – will it turn us into a fossil just by grasping it? At least it won’t melt our faces off…) To answer this question, I contacted Thom and Kambrea of Shadowbinders to share with […]


WB Video II: The Fantastic Number Four

Everybody’s different In my first video on world-building I promised to share my four-step method on how to world-build. In this episode I fulfill that promise, but in making it I quickly realized that MY way was only a tiny sample of the MANY ways you can world-build. So I decided to get ambitious. Very […]