Inside Bob the Squirrel…part 2

A few years ago, I bought a house. I looked at 13 different houses before finding this one.  Every house I looked at had trees somewhere, some in the front, some on the side, but only one had a tree in the back.  Not just any tree, a TREE tree.  This tree would be perfect […]


POTM Interview: Frank Page of Bob the Squirrel

  We’ve had a lot of fun this month hanging out with Bob the Squirrel.  When Frank’s not trying to keep his inspirational character happy with peanut butter cups, he’s creating and being inspired.  So what makes Frank tick, not the nervous tick Bob gives him, but the inspirational tick?  We’ll find out a little […]


POTM: Bob the Squirrel

We see them every day, those cute little hairy animals, scurrying around collecting their food for the the winter, keeping their homes built up as best they can, yeah you know them as the bearded cartoonist.  Did you know they sometimes keep cartoon squirrels as pets? 🙂   This months Pick of the Month is […]