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Smash is a story about a 10 year old boy, Andrew Ryan, who like most 10 year old’s daydreams about being a superhero.  Andrew is short, not very athletic, and lacks some social skills; but that doesn’t stand in his way when fate steps in and one day Andrew actually gains super powers and becomes the costumed crimefighter known as Smash!

If being a 10 year old wasn’t tough enough, Andrew is about to find out how difficult it really is to finish homework, keep you room clean, and try to maintain the life of a crime fighter while being stuck with a curfew.

Andrew is one of the biggest fans of local Crime Fighter, Defender, and dreams to be his side kick one day.  Andrews dreams of being a superhero and the fall of local Superhero Defender, intersect one day as Magus makes plans to steal the powers of the Defender.

 Just as Andrew is about to be subjected to another beating by the bullies an accident occurs that finds him in the right place at the right time to suddenly become super powered.  As one hero falls, another is born, so now Andrew struggles to learn his new abilities and to find out what he should do with these new powers and how to become someone that the Defender and the town he lives in would be proud of.

Smash was created by Chris A. Bolton (writer) and Kyle Bolton (artist).   Smash is an all-ages, long form comic that aims to put the fun back in the superhero genre.   Season One will soon be published by Candlewick Press.  Both Seasons are still available online at the website in the archives as well as new posts every Tuesday and Thursday.

Chris served as a writer/performer in a sketch comedy troupe for eight years and acted in several independent films.  He wrote and directed the web-series Wage Slaves and has his first professional short story published in Portland Noir.

Kyle started drawing to compete with his older brother Chris, who at one time was an avid artist.  When Chris gave up art to pursue writing Kyle continued developing his technique and eventually attended the Art Institue in Seattle.  Upon graduating he worked for Surreal Software, Electronic Arts, Apex Learning and several other game companies.  He currently works for FlowPlay, doing 2D and 3D animations.

These two brothers have collaborated to create a wonderfully fresh and exciting superhero online comic that speaks to the imagination and excitement for superheros in us all.  It’s always great to see an all ages superhero comic considering all the PG-13 type stuff that’s out there in the markets now a days which alienates the younger generation.

So for a fun online comic that reminds us of those dreams of being superheroes when we were kids, and a fun all ages comic that mixes both action and comedy look no further than Smash.

Website: http://www.smashcomic.com

Follow Smash Comic on Twitter: http://twitter.com/smashcomic

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  1. Great story, great art, great comic! The Bolton brothers bring back the feel of good old-fashioned comic book reading with great writing, tremendous art, along with a playful sense of humor. I hadn’t known about their mutual artistic backgrounds but now it all makes sense. The work has a sense of pageantry, well thought out characters, and excellent timing. Chris moves the story along a good pace, and Kyle does a tremendous job on the art. He can freeze-frame a moment of action at its most exciting. Thanks for a fun read, guys!

  2. I’ve been enjoying Smash for the last year and it’s great to see Chris and Kyle get some well-deserved recognition on this excellent site.

    Smash is a great ambassador for all-ages webcomics.

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