Pick of the Week: Ellie on Planet X

Ellie on Planet X follows the adventures and findings of Ellie, a robot sent from earth decades ago.  After 30 years in spade Ellie has crash landed on Planet X and is now sending transmissions back to earth.  The transmissions share her adventures exploring the surface of this new alien world as she catalogs new species and begins communicating and befriending some of the natural inhabitants.

Ellie, created at the Strang Institue to be our eyes and ears on Planet X, is a natural explorer, and continually optimistic no matter what circumstance she may run into.  Ellie has a very child like curiosity to the world around her and this is evident in the way she categorizes the many creatures that she runs into on Planet X.

Along her journey Ellie encounters Jeff, a Warbling Orange-Crested Quadrapus, and Muffin, a ground dwelling Marf.  Jeff and Muffin’s personalities are so different when we first meet them with Jeff having a certain curiosity himself towards Ellie and Muffin just wanting to be left alone.  As their journey across the landscape of Planet X continues a friendship begins to develop and grow among the trio.   Ellie continues to share things about earth with them and they continue to help her with their environment.

James Anderson has a very cool and unique style that breaths life into this family friendly, all-ages online comic.  James style has strong influences from Scott Morse, Frank Espinosa, Dr. Seuss, Bill Watterson, and Berke Breathed to name a few.  James states that he loved Bloom County as a kid and the humor and art has really inspired a lot of what he does with Ellie.

At first James was going to create a sort of graphic novel/guide book/children’s book thing, but decided to make Ellie a web based comic strip, in order for it to continue building as it goes and take on a life of it’s own.   I’m glad he did, cause Ellie has definitely grown and evolved since it started over a year ago.

So if your in the mood for an online comic that is both heart warming, funny, and guaranteed to make you laugh you’re gonna absolutely love Ellie on Planet X.

Website: http://www.ellieonplanetx.com

Follow James Anderson on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EllieOnPlanetX 

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  1. I[ve seen this comic around, but had never taken the time to really dive into it. I’m gonna have to rectify that. Thanks for reminding me that it’s still in production!

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