Pick of the Week: Moon Town

Moon Town by Steve Ogden takes us to a future, 2087, where the moon is being mined due to all the resources on earth being tapped out.  As the story begins we find out that ore shipments have been reported missing so enters Captain Cassandra Quinn of Terraluna Security.  Cassandra has been sent to escort the latest freighter and keep it safe from Pirates.  What should be a routine mission turns into an adventure that will bring her into the life of local moon miner (spaders as they are known), Simon Tripline and the local inhabitants.

 Steve Ogden creates a visually stunning online graphic novel with Moon Town.   The over all story is broken into individual chapters and introduces us to characters that pull us in and make us want to know more about them and their past.   As these characters are introduced to us a story line unfolds that shows there is definitely something more taking place on the lunar surface than a standard mining program.

Back on earth the people are in an uproar over the misuse of the moon’s surface and the planned use of Terraluna’s technology to project images onto the surface of the moon.  Is someone out to sabotage Terraluna?  Who do the Pirates work for? You’ll have to start reading the series to find out.

 Steve’s drawing style definitely reflects his background in computer animation. The way he uses shadows and line work to create depth to the environment is just mesmerizing and really brings each panel to life. Moon Town began as a series of one-minute computer animated sci-fi adventure episodes and soon became what it is today, a very fun and exciting online graphic novel.

 The story line is not so far along that new readers will have a hard time catching up by digging through the archives, so I challenge you if you are not a reader of Moon Town, then become one today. You won’t be let down.

Website: http://moon-town.com/comic/

Follow Steve on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SteveOgdenArt

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